Postal minisheet "1000 years since the beginning of the reign of Yaroslav the Wise"

  • $5.80

Country - Ukraine
Release Date - 09/20/2019
The circulation - 130 000
Michel number - 1779
Stamp size - 28x40 mm
Minisheet size - 185x151 mm
Number of stamps in the minisheet - 8+2 coupons

Yaroslav the Wise, the son of Vladimir the Great and Polovtsian Princess Rogneda was born in around 980 in Kyiv, and died in 1054 in Vyshgorod. Since 1019, the Grand Duke of Kyiv. During his 35-year reign, the Kyiv state was the largest in Europe, and Kyiv, along with Rome and Constantinople, was one of the three largest cities in the continent. It was during the reign of Yaroslav that Kyiv was called the “mother of Russian cities,” for it was the capital of a great power and the most ancient and large city not only of Ukraine, but of all Slavic lands.