A set of 2 cardmaximums "Cultural eras of Ukraine. Scythians" 2020

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Kyiv - September 2020
Edition of 100 copies

Despite the tremendous work of archaeologists who excavated thousands of Scythian burial mounds, dozens of settlements and settlements, despite the breakthroughs of historians and linguists studying written sources, despite the significant contribution to Scythian studies of representatives of such sciences as anthropology, paleobotany, paleozoology, paleogeography and others, we have there is still no answer even to the basic questions concerning the history of the Scythians.

The origin of the Scythians and their culture is largely unknown. Until now, they are fiercely arguing about the level of development of this people, about whether he created his own state and, if so, when and in what form it happened. (However, it should be noted: in history, since the 18th century, Scythian leaders began to be called kings. This is a kind of convention adopted by science.) There is no unambiguous answer to the question: what caused the sudden death of Great Scythia?

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