Book Postage stamps of Ukraine 2021 (Standart)

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The annual stamp book "Postage stamps of Ukraine 2021" contains a set of postage stamps, blocks and stamp sheets issued by Ukrposhta during 2021. The book is presented in 2 sets: Standard (1100 copies) and Exclusive (900 copies).

Each issue accompanies an artistic description with the technical characteristics of two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English. Postal stamps are embedded in the book with the help of Klimtasha, which provides them with reliable protection and mobility.

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List of products included in the book "Postal stamps of Ukraine 2021" - Standard:

  • Mark Yevgeny Chikalenko V
  • Brand shirt Dnipropetrovsk region V
  • Block Myasoeds Ukraine-Lichtenstein 2xz
  • Mark's commander of the panzernik v
  • Mark with Christmas! V
  • Mark T. Shevchenko Odaliska 1840 V
  • Mark Shmuel Agnon W
  • Block Science is it 4xv
  • Mark Order Danylo Halytsky L
  • The Carpathian Bloc of Europa 2xz
  • Mark Cherkasy Dam V
  • EURO2020 F.
  • Mark Standard F Kremenchuk IX
  • Block Beauty and Greatness of Rivne Region 4xv
  • Mark Passenger SPC Sun V
  • Mark Order of Heavenly Hundred Heroes L
  • The Independence Monument is 33.00
  • Mark Crimean Tatar Chebureks V
  • Mark Monument of Independence V
  • Mark cry of the Carpathians Europa Z
  • Brand machine gunner of the iron division v
  • Mark Tractor Zaporozhets V
  • Mark Look to the Future Chernobyl V
  • Brand standard d Bakhmut IX
  • Mark Nikolaev Observatory 200 g. V
  • Block Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine. Cherkasy region 44.00
  • Mark Standard N Bolgrad IX
  • The sheet of birds of Ukraine is 72.00
  • Brand shooter of Legion Sich Sagittarius V
  • Brand shirt Rivne region V
  • Mark Beauty and Greatness of Sevastopol Cherkasy Talshchyk V
  • Block of 400 Battle of Khotyn W
  • Mark Standard Mt Koropets
  • Block House with chimeras 88.00
  • Brand standard t mosquito IX
  • Mark XXII Summer Olympic Games F
  • Block Beauty and Greatness of Ukraine Sevastopol 44.00
  • Mark Second Winter Hike 100 Years V
  • Mark Lviv Observatory 250 V
  • Brand shirt Lugansk region f
  • Mark Beauty and Greatness Equal Amber V
  • Brand shirt Ternopil region f
  • Lesya Ukrainka Block 27.00
  • Mark Killet Wheels Europa Z
  • Mark A. Chebikin Energy II 1991 V
  • The sheet of landed unicorn troops 8xv
  • Mark Ukrainian Sausage V

Issue Date - 2023
Circulation - 1 100

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