Maximum card of the series Her Majesty's Woman Taras Shevchenko "Odalisque"

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Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko is an outstanding Ukrainian figure, champion of Ukrainian freedom and truth. He has a prominent place in Ukrainian culture.

Researchers of Shevchenko's work claim that he painted 1,300 paintings, portraits, drawings, etchings, sketches, etc. during his lifetime, of which 835 works have survived.

Shevchenko became famous during his lifetime - both as an artist and as a poet. He was admired not only by the Ukrainian intelligentsia and art academics, but also by aristocrats and socialites. He was a frequent guest in Ukrainian noble estates, such as Kachanivka and Sokyryntsi, and was invited to the ball of the odious Kyiv governor-general Bibikov.

Shevchenko was free for only 13 years of his life. Most of the time he lived in Russia. When Tarasov's master caught him painting a portrait for the first time, he pinched the servant's ears and ordered him to be beaten with sharp sticks. Although he later made him his personal artist in order to make a profit from his paintings.

Shevchenko is portrayed as a pensive mustachioed grandfather. And he died, by our standards, at a young age - at 47 years old. In fact, he was the soul of the company, he liked to joke and even in the casemate after his arrest, he was a good man. There were very different women in his life. His lovers include a hired girl, a princess, a laundress, a model, an actress, married women and even a friend's wife - nine in total. Over the years, Taras Hryhorovych became more interested in young girls.

Kyiv- March 2021
Edition of 125 copies

Only 5 postcards are available, especially for Postal Ukraine clients.

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