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One of the most revered Old Russian princes is Prince Yaroslav the Wise. He received the nickname the Wise for his love of enlightenment and the creation of the first set of laws known in Russia, later called the “Russian Truth”.

The domestic policy of Yaroslav the Wise was aimed at improving the education of the people and eradicating the remnants of the pagan faith. Christian faith was instilled with renewed vigor. In this, the son continued the work of his great father, Vladimir the Baptist.

Historians also highly value the nobleman’s foreign policy, in which he also achieved tremendous success. It seems that he was the first of the Russian princes to emphasize diplomacy, not the strength of weapons.

Kyiv- September 2019
Edition of 150 copies

Only 0 postcards are available, especially for Postal Ukraine clients.

Cardmaximum, designed specifically for the Postal minisheet "1000 years since the beginning of the reign of Yaroslav the Wise"

  • High-density paper. Paper Type: Matte. The most popular paper choice, Matte’s eggshell texture is soft
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
  • Size: 4,13"*5,83" (10,5x14,8 cm)

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