Children of Victory paint the Ukraine of the future

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Victory is to leave the war behind and go towards colorful dreams, it is to return home and enjoy the fact that you can do ordinary things, it is to finally meet dad with the Victory from the war and paint black and white memories in the colors of the national flag, watching how quickly the destroyed is rebuilt the enemy is the city🇺🇦.

Victory is to see the WORLD as it is symbolically and very imaginatively represented by the majority of the inhabitants of our planet - with a white dove against the background of the blue sky.

This is how our children, who grew up in an instant, see VICTORY. Children who have faced the most terrible trials: waking up to the sounds of sirens, distinguishing between explosions at our air defense and hits, going to the school bomb shelter like a cafeteria and, unfortunately, losing the most precious ones...

Adult CHILDREN of an unconquered country about the UKRAINE OF THE FUTURE. At the numerous requests of the voting participants, Ukrposhta reproduced in the postal issue not only the picture of the winner of the contest - Oleksandra Fedorchuk (14 years old, Brovary), but also other contestants: Veronika Ivantsova (9 years old, Khmelnytskyi), Oleksandra Bushynska (13 years old, Odesa) region), Anastasia Mysko (12 years old, Khmelnytskyi region), Varvara Kolesova (9 years old, Mykolaiv region), Cornelia Andriychuk (6 years old, Lviv city), Georgy Sosnytskyi (6 years old, Kharkiv city), Diana Vasylenko (4 years old, Poltava).

Special postal cancellation will take place on June 1. Friends, you can always order a postcard with a new stamp and a special postmark of the first day, on the eve of this day. I will send you a photo and a prepaid card will be sent to you. Write to WhatsApp or Inbox.

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