New items

For us, Postcards are not just beautifully drawn pictures. They are our passion, and we do our best to find the most appealing and thought-provoking artworks, created by artists and photographers. These artworks, depicted on the postcards and maxi-cards, portray and represent Ukraine all over the world, namely, in Postcrossing.

Anyone, who is keen on Postcrossing, knows that a postcard is a nice thing to buy, but a maximum card is something more. It is a collectible. So, if you love maxi-cards and you know people, who will be glad to receive such a rare thing, you are in the right place. We are keeping our eye on the news and don’t miss any cancellation. So, if you can’t come in person and apply the first day of issue cover, we will do it for you with great pleasure. Additionally, you will get a gift – an envelope, a postmark, and a stamp.

By the way, we know well, that all postcrossers like choosing fascinating and art stamps for the envelopes. So, we have a whole section, where you can choose and buy nice stamps. It is very convenient to buy a postcard greeting, a stamp, an envelope in one place, isn’t it? No need to mess around – we have got a wide selection of great postcards and stamps to buy online. Besides, we sell stamps at a lower price than in special philately stores. So, if you think about updating your collection with a new lovely postcard or please your friend postcrosser with it, feel free to visit our postcard store.

Certainly, it is a great pleasure to buy a beautiful postcard in a store or at an art exhibition. However, the present pace of life and development of modern digital technologies provide us an incredible opportunity to be everywhere we want in a moment, find everything we need online.

Next time, when you are going shopping online, don’t forget to call on our cozy postcard store. Ukrainian postcards with greeting or postcards depicting Ukraine will be a perfect gift for your friends from Europe and all over the world.