About Us



My name is Tatiana. 

I am happy to present you my shop, which was conceived as a place where postcrossers, philatelists and collectors from all over the world can find for themselves authentic quality products from Ukraine - postcrossing postcards, stickers, envelopes, calendars, as well as beautiful Ukrainian postage stamps.

 I have been interested in postcrossing for several years now, and therefore I perfectly understand the expectations of Postal Ukraine clients - variety, exclusivity, distinctive and beauty!

 Therefore, in my shop I present you illustrated postcards, stickers for decoration, Ukrainian postage stamps that will satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Illustrations of our products are usually made in all sorts of styles peculiar to Ukraine. And postage stamps of Ukraine are rightfully considered to be among the most beautiful in Europe.

 These products you can buy in the store Postal Ukraine at attractive prices!

We will try to process your order as soon as possible (usually within 1-2 days) and send you the track code, with it you will be able to track the delivery of your goods from Ukraine to you.

All goods are packaged by hand, with love for our business and with respect to you.

 In the TM Postal Ukraine team - the best creators of Ukraine in various genres. We unite many Ukrainian artists and illustrators who are happy to present their creations to the world. Among them are both young increasingly popular authors, and already recognized masters of their craft, known far beyond the borders of the Ukrainian land.

 Advantages of choice store Postal Ukraine :

  •  We offer our customers exclusive, unusual products in the Ukrainian style and at the best prices.
  • We guarantee quality! Our postcards are modern printing on high density paper. Without exception, all orders are collected and packed by hand. Our postcards will withstand any journey without any problems!
  • Attentive attitude to customers of Postal Ukraine, fast and friendly service.
  • We are responsible for the quality of goods and service.


Our mission: to open the world to Ukraine, as a country of talented and creative people!


Shopping in Postal Ukraine will always bring you joy and a little beauty of the Ukrainian land!