Valentine's Day

What words of love do you say? Do you ever speak of love? Particularly, if several years passed from the first date when you feel giddy thinking: “Gosh, he/she is the only one!”. Do not reply: “it is pretty clear, and, “I told “I love you once” and nothing has changed.” If a relationship is neglected, love slowly dies. It needs regular attention and nourishment.

Start saying words of love again. If you need an opportunity for that, St. Valentine’s Day is a good one. This is a special day to praise love, make movies about it, write words of love on postcards!

You definitely know where to get nice valentine cards. But, please, do not put off your order to the last day, otherwise, the most beautiful postcards may not be in stock.

So, imagine, you succeeded to choose the best valentine postcards and order them. You managed to select a present. You have decided where to go out on Valentine’s Day.

One thing’s left. The most complicated, though, - to sign a card. What to write on the postcard? Omar Khayyam quote? Ask Google for a witty quotation? Words from a favorite song? Who’d have ever thought that it can take hours to sign Valentine’s card and still fail to do that?

Although, I have got some good news for you: if Khayyam quotes or song lyrics sound fake for you, you do care how your partner will take the card.

Ok, a short tutorial for you. Look attentively at the postcard, namely at the picture. Why have you chosen exactly this card? Maybe these cats in love on cards remind of your sweetheart and you? Or, the cup of coffee became a symbol of your first date? Or, probably the card depicts what your crush is crazy about or even more – your common dreams? Well, let it be the grounds. A fancy postcard and something very personal and intimate, which is shared only between you and your partner. Neither Google, nor ancient poet knows these small, but very significant things. Do not make a Valentine’s Day a show or manifestation, but a warm opportunity to memorize your sweetest moments together.

By the way, if you think that one postcard is not enough to tell your story, you can buy a set of them and write a memorable story or moment on each postcard. Either romantic, or funny; tough, or amazing. But meaningful for you both. A moment or a story that made you even closer, and your love – stronger.

The main thing, do not forget to say, to write, or even to draw a simple, but important words: I love you ღ