BTS postcards

There’s a popular exercise on various creative development courses and trainings. It is to come up with a character and describe it in as much detail as possible. Who is it? What’s its name? How does it look like? What’s its favorite BTS postcard? What are its habits? You name it.

This character might then become a part of some story or even an author of it.

We don’t know if the seven guys from BTS took such courses, but the characters created by them perfectly match the musical style, the songs theme and the guys themselves. Yes, the idea of ​​replacing yourself with fictional characters is not new - think of Gorillas. Isn’t it exciting? We cannot imagine a fan who doesn’t want a soft toy, a postcard or a keychain with alpaca, cookie or Sonya-koala. BTS postcard, especially.

By the way, have you already heard how BT21 appeared? No? Well, listen.

Once upon a time somewhere in deep space on an unknown planet there lived Tata. He was terribly curious, he was wondering what was going on in the world, especially outside of his own planet. Once he persuaded his friend, the robot Van, to go on a trip and see how the world works. That way they accidentally ended up on Earth.

Curious and attentive Tata noticed that earthlings are often fascinated by someone and decided to become a superstar. No, wait, a Cosmic or even a Universal Star! Tata began to look for a team to conquer this world.  And soon he was joined by RJ, Mang, Chimmy, Cooky and Shooky, Koya. Thus began the story of BT21..."

Did you like the story? ‘Cause we do. Now, let’s see who is who, because… well, just read to the end and find out.

Now then,


RJ - a snow-white alpaca, ready to share a bun. When he is cold, he puts on a park. 

RJ is the character of Jin, lead vocalist for BTS.


Mang - a pony in the mask. Igniting hearts with a dance is his superpower.

Mang was invented by J-Hope, rapper and main dancer of the seven.


Chimmy - a puppy in a yellow jumpsuit. An assiduous hard worker and just a nice guy.

Jimin, vocalist and dancer of BTS, is sure that his character represents the whole creative work of the group.


Cooky - a pink hare who is ready to break the mould. Mimimi and cutie? No! Gym and dumbbell! 

The hare appeared thanks to Jungkook, the vocalist, dancer and sub-rapper.


Shooky - a cookie that despises milk but loves jokes and good company.

Leading rapper Suga came up with this petty bully.


Koya - a pale blue koala, immersed in a dream, thinking about a dream and dreaming about thoughts. Koya was invented by the leader of BTS, Rap Monster RM.



Tata - that curious alien guest we already know. He has a heart shaped head, a plastic body and a considerable reserve of superpowers.

Tata appeared on his planet, and then on Earth thanks to vocalist V.


Van is a black and white space robot. Oddly enough, Van is everyone of us. Everyone who loves BTS and BT21, everyone who is ready to listen to them, accept them, worry about them and follow their destinies.


And finally, the most wonderful thing for those who like to read to the end. We have all BT21 postcards with BTS characters in our Postal Ukraine store! Now you can gather your own collection and exchange cards with other fans of the BTS. And maybe once RM and his band’s autographes will appear on your RJ an Chimmy cards. Taken by yourself, of course.