Postage issue "Warriors of Light. Warriors of goodness"

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Warriors of Light. Warriors of goodness

The Russian terrorist organization has been trying to destroy our critical infrastructure for months. For us to lose heart, weaken or give up. But they recklessly forgot who they were fighting 🇺🇦

Thanks to our "extraordinaries" who work 24/7 to restore damaged objects, we have the opportunity to wash with warm water, warm up at home and prepare fragrant coffee, after all. It is impossible to underestimate their contribution!

Postage issue "Warriors of Light. Warriors of goodness" is our gratitude and sincere dedication to these people. Therefore, each brand is named after these professions - "Road workers", "Communication workers", "Energy workers", "Water suppliers" and "Gas workers".

The circulation of the postal block is 300,000 copies.

The date of introduction into circulation is February 15.


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