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It was exchanged for bread to survive. When she was deported, she was buried in the ground to preserve it for posterity. Enemies were and are afraid of the meanings embedded in her. Vyshyvanka is not only about beauty.

Until the embroidery day, Ukrposhta will announce two new stamps - with samples of Crimean Tatar and Kharkiv embroidery.

▪️ Kharkiv region is represented by a fragment of the embroidery of a women's shirt of the 19th century. with roosters on their sleeves. The novelty picks up the series "Ukrainian embroidery - the code of the nation", which began back in 2018.
▪️ The Autonomous Republic of Crimea is represented by a sample of vestibule embroidery ("kasnak") of a women's shawl ("marama") of the middle of the 19th century. According to tradition, it is made of gold and silk threads on a home-woven cloth. The release was made with the support of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people and the NGO "El Chebier".

 The circulation of each stamp is 800,000 copies. Be among the first to pre-order them:

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