The hero city of Okhtyrka is now on a postage stamp

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The town of Okhtyrka in Sumy Oblast was founded more than 380 years ago. Its population is now about 40,000 people.

The peculiarity of the city is its location in the center of a kind of triangle of regional centers: Sumy, Kharkiv and Poltava.

Okhtyrka was one of the first to receive an enemy blow - the battles for the city began on February 24 and lasted until March 28. The enemy's columns there were defeated on the first day of the full-scale invasion, and for this the foreigners shelled it for another month with all possible types of weapons.

It was thanks to the dedication of the townspeople and the territorial defense that the occupiers were unable to continue their offensive on the territory of Poltava region, Kharkiv region and Kyiv.

The honorary title of hero city began to be assigned from the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Currently, according to the official list of hero cities, there are 10, an important place among them is occupied by Okhtyrka.

The city is 30 kilometers from the Russian border.

Now a small town in Sumy Oblast is forced to live the scenarios of 2022 again and again

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