The minimum cost of delivery in the Postal Ukraine.

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Dear friends!

Postal Ukraine™ is a new postcrossing store on the market. We want to thank our wonderful and attentive customers for your feedback, recommendations and not indifference! You help us to become more comfortable, more understandable, closer)

We noticed that many people like our postcards, but not everyone decides to make an order. Especially when you just want to try, evaluate, understand the quality of postcards you get.

To facilitate the purchase - we set the minimum shipping cost. It is relevant for 5 cards inclusive. It is 5 cards or, for example, 5-6 pages of stickers that together with the envelope will weigh up to 50 grams.

Postal Ukraine, postcards Postal Ukraine, postcards shop Postal UkraineIn the photo you can see an example of such a parcel. 

For packaging, we use an envelope with an air membrane and a rope for additional fixation. 

The Postal Service of Ukraine (Ukrposhta) allows you to send registered letters by plane to anywhere in the world. Such delivery costs $ 4.90. You also receive the track code and will be able to track your shipment. We want to be as comfortable and attractive as possible for you!

We hope to please you soon! We are waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Your Postal Ukraine team.

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