The most long-awaited stamp from Ukrposhta about the Russian warship!

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On Tuesday, April 12, the Ukrainian Post issued a stamp called “Russian warship, go fuck yourself!”. The design for it was chosen a month ago during a nationwide competition.

The winner was professional artist Boris Grokh. The author was born in Evpatoria and has been drawing all his life. After the occupation of Crimea in 2014, he was forced to leave his native home - he went first to Kyiv, and later moved to Lviv.

The act of the Ukrainian border guards on the island of Serpents inspired the artist so much that he painted a picture to raise the mood and morale of the Ukrainians, and to draw attention to the war of foreigners who follow his work in social networks.

“It took about three days to create. If I had not been distracted by the news, I would have finished much faster - in five hours. When I saw that Ukrposhta announced a nationwide competition for the best design of a postage stamp, I decided to submit my work,” said Grokh.

Stamp "Russian warship, go fuck yourself!" is sold in two versions - for letters within Ukraine and for international shipments. The circulation of both is 500 thousand pieces.

An envelope with special cancellation will soon be on sale.

Russian warship, go fuck yourself An envelope with special cancellation

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  • Peace and love to all in ukraine. Please print more

    Luke on
  • Id like to buy some of these stamps. How can I do so? Please make more :)

    Cathey Woodward on
  • What a great stamps, you need to make more to the whole world :-)
    Please let me know when you Are ready to sell more.
    Best of luck to Ukraine

  • Would like to buy, how can I get?

    kristel linde on
  • These have been impossible to get. You could sell as many as you can print. Give us a way to help.

    Gilbert Davis on

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