The postal issue, which is a continuation of the "Cities of Heroes"

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Terrible pages of the history of the occupation of Chernihiv region, which was unlucky to border with the enemy!

Shot, tortured and died of suffocation.

The village of Yagidne was under russian occupation for 28 days. 380 people lived in basements and slept standing up. Chernihiv region borders the territory of russia and Belarus. Russian troops entered here almost immediately after the start of the war.

Local residents say that in a common room of 90 square meters. 138 people lived there. They went to the toilet in buckets and slept standing up. Elderly people lived in cellars for 13 people. The granddaughter of one of the villagers, who was born a month before the war, was dying in the basement. Fortunately, the girl was saved.

But there were those who did not survive. People were dying, but the occupiers did not allow their bodies to be taken out. Marks of the dead remained on the walls. The russians shot some residents and burned their houses. The russian army was in Yagidny from March 5 to April 2. Currently, Chernihiv Region is back under the control of Ukraine. Journalists receive testimonies from residents of the region about how the occupation took place.

The postal issue, which is a continuation of the "Cities of Heroes" series, is dedicated to Chernihiv, Nizhyn, p. Yagidnomu, village Semenivtsi

Postage Set Cities of Heroes. Chernihiv Region 2024

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