Postal Sheet Monument Ukraine Mother

Postal Sheet «Monument "Ukraine - Mother"»

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On August 24, Ukraine celebrates the largest state holiday - Independence Day, which is established in honor of an exceptional historical event - the adoption in 1991 by the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian SSR of the Act of Proclamation of Independence of Ukraine. This document imprinted the millennial aspirations of the Ukrainian people to have their own sovereign state and to determine their own destiny. Today, our independence is paid at an extremely high price - the lives of Ukrainian defenders, who stopped the onslaught and are bringing Victory over the Russian aggressor closer every day, and victims among the civilian population. The postage stamp, interpreted by the artist Zinaida Kubar, depicts the majestic monument known to every Ukrainian, which rises on the Pechersky Hills of Kyiv and is one of the highest in the world (102 m, sculptor Vasyl Borodai). By the 32nd anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine, the monument, with the shield turned to Russia, was crowned with a trident instead of the dismantled coat of arms of the totalitarian regime. Monument "Mother Ukraine".

Release Date
- 08/24/2023
The face value is U
The artist is Zinaida Kubar
Circulation — 600,000
The number according to the Ukrposhta catalog is 2051
Sheet size, mm — 131x101
The size of the stamp, mm — 27.84x40.02
The number of stamps in the sheet is 6

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