Postcard set "Dvovzory"

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Painter Oleg Shuplyak 

A brilliant Ukrainian artist paints pictures with double meaning. He called them "Dvzvzory" (double glance). He has written more than 60 such works, depicting famous people from different times.
We have released a collection of 15 postcards in the cover, the author of which is also Oleg Shuplyak.
This set is unique at the moment.

In the product card is not possible to load all the images.

The set includes the following cards:

  1. «Bohdan Lepky (Christmas)»
  2. «The spirit of freedom»
  3. «An old man and a big fish»
  4. «Artist»
  5. «Peeping Freud»
  6. «Flight Of Vakula»
  7. «Windy day. Claude Monet»
  8. «The stargazer»
  9. «The girl that reads Dali»
  10. «Newton in the Garden of Ideas»
  11. «Darwin (Science and religion)»
  12. «I turned thirteen......»
  13. «I am coming! Svyatoslav The Brave»
  14. «Tesla»
  15. «Creativity»

Set of 22 postcards by Oleg Shuplyak

  • High-density paper. Paper Type: Glossy
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
  • Size: 4,13"*5,83" (10,5x14,8 cm)

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