Loyalty program

Postal Ukraine ™ allows you to quickly accumulate points and receive pleasant discounts on purchases.

Click on the green tab, register in the program and 20 points are already yours!

Postal Ukraine


How to accumulate points?

Choose from the proposed blocks those that you like:

  1. Happy Birthday! Do not forget to click on this block. This day you will get 300 points. And this is a $ 3 discount!
  2. Make a purchase and get 5 points for every dollar spent!
  3. Get 600 points if you spent $ 100!
  4. Visit our Facebook page and get 25 points! Do not forget to click on the appropriate block.
  5. Share our Facebook page and get another 25 points!
  6. Participate in the referral program and get 100 points for everyone who follows your link and spends 10 dollars.
  7. Link to us on Twitter and you will get another 25 points!


How to spend bonuses?

$ 5 off - 500 points

$ 10 off - 500 points

$ 25 off - 500 points


All orders of $ 50 or more are shipped worldwide free of charge!

Happy postcrossing!

Postal Ukraine Team