05/22/2019 Special post cancellation. New postage stamps issue "Europe". National birds.

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Special post cancellation. The new postage issue "Europe" - postage stamps and a special thematic envelope "National Birds".

Two new postage stamps are put into circulation - No. 1747 "White stork. Ciconia ciconia" and No. 1748 "Nightingale Oriental. Luscinia luscinia."

If you order a postage block of stamps 05/22/2019 - you will receive an envelope with the cancellation of the first day (premier jour) as a gift!

Envelope premier jour Ukrainian birds

Also pay attention to the cards maximums dedicated to the new postage stamps issue!
Only 10 unique cards maximums for Postal Ukraine customers.

You can become the owner of wonderful postal rarities.

Postal Ukraine Team.

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