Postal block Independence Day of Ukraine 1994

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The Ukrainian people are constantly fighting for their independence. The lands of modern Ukraine often passed from one state to another through the lens of time. Attempts to be independent can be counted from the times of the Hetmanate. But the first documented attempts were actually recorded in 1918, when the independence of the Ukrainian People's Republic was proclaimed. Even in modern times, in 1941, there were attempts to restore the independence of the Ukrainian state.

The event of 1991, after a long and thorny path, is truly remarkable. Since then and to this day, Ukraine has the status of an independent state. But the struggle is not over, and in 2023 the country is back on the battlefield. It defends its own borders and resists invaders and occupiers in order to be a part of an independent democratic European society.

Country - Ukraine
Release Date - 09/03/1994
The circulation - 200 000

Artist of stamps, blocks and stamps V. Dvornyk.

№ 63
Minisheet size - 70x90 мм
Number of stamps in the minisheet - 1

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Beautiful stamps

In the midst of a violent war it is truly amazing your Philatelic Shop online is working. The stamps are very colourful and tell your country's true story. I hope my subscription encourages your PO to continue. Glory to Ukraine from an Irish friend.