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Postage Sheet "PTN PNH!"

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 February 24, 2022, around 4 a.m. in the morning Kyiv time, the President of the Russian Federation announced a "special military operation" in Ukraine, after which Russian forces launched missile strikes on Ukraine and began a full-scale military offensive. For Ukrainians, 2022 has become a year of national unity, a year of courage and strength, a year of endurance and self-sacrifice. The Ukrainian people impressed the world and were awarded prestigious international awards.
The postal issue dedicated to the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine features one of the seven graffiti of the English artist Banksy, created by him in Ukraine in 2022. The graffiti with a judoka sent to the knockout stage was painted by the artist on the wall of a destroyed house in the village of Borodyanka (Kyiv region. ). Postage stamp "PTN PNH!" - a charity issue of Ukrposhta. Charitable contributions collected in this way will be directed by Ukrposhta to the reconstruction of educational institutions destroyed by rocket attacks of the Russian Federation.

 "PTN PNH" sheet with an additional denomination. Circulation — 1 500,000

graffiti on the ©BANKSY stamp
Release Date - 02/24/2023
Stamp list size - 109х109 mm
Number of stamps in the minisheet - 6

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Spent $50 on stamps that cost about $10 with shipping if ordered directly from the Ukrainian Post office. I unfortunately had no choice because the stamp I wanted was scalped in minutes after it went available.

I understand your disappointment with the shortage of stamps from Ukrposhta.
At the price from Ukrposhta, they were gone almost instantly. To purchase them, I also have to use an additional resource.
The cost of scarce military stamps on the domestic market is the same as on the foreign market.
Therefore, they are simply coming to an end, there will be no new arrivals.