"Princess Olga" Postcard

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Painter Olga Mashevskaya

Postcards in Ukrainian style

Princess Olga - wife of the great old Russian Prince Igor Rurikovich, mother of Svyatoslav Igorevich, ruled Kievan Rus from 945 to 960. At birth, the girl was given the name Helga, the husband named her by his own name, but the female version, and at baptism Elena became known. Olga is known for being the first of the rulers of the Old Russian state voluntarily converted to Christianity.

Dozens of films and series have been shot about Princess Olga.

The exact date of Olga’s birth was not preserved, but the 17th century power book says that the princess died at eighty years old, which means she was born at the end of the IX century.

Thanks to the princess, stone construction was born in Kievan Rus. Having looked at how easily the wooden fortresses of the Drevlyans burn, she decided to build her houses out of stone. The first stone buildings in the country were the city palace and the ruler’s country house.

Olga established the exact amount of taxes from each principality, the date of payment and frequency.

During the reign, Olga built dozens of temples, including a monastery in her native Pskov. The princess personally went to the north of the country to baptize everyone. There she destroyed all pagan symbols and set Christian ones.


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