Envelope "Pysanky" with cancellation "First day. Kyiv"

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In 2022, Ukrposhta launched the Tenth issue of standard postage stamps of Ukraine depicting Easter eggs of different regions of Ukraine. Pysanka is a cultural symbol of Ukraine, a unique work of folk art. Painting Easter eggs has ancient pagan roots. An egg, like a tree, was considered a symbol of the spring awakening of nature, the birth of life, and procreation. From time immemorial, eggs have been painted with magical symbols associated with various beliefs: triangles, spirals, wedges, swastikas, trihorns, which were later transformed into ornaments. Depending on the decoration technique, painted eggs were called krashanka, krapanka, skryabanka, malovanka, and pysanka. The latter were signed using wax and dyes. The making of Easter eggs in the Ukrainian tradition was given a sacred meaning. Nowadays, the Easter egg occupies a central place in the Easter ritual.

Release Date - 04/21/2023
Stamp list size - 114 х 162 mm
Circulation: 50,000