Postcard "Generous Evening"

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Painter Olga Haidamaka

On the night of January 13-14, Ukrainians are not officially celebrating the old New Year and Shchedry Evening, which is also called the holiday of Melanka, or Malanka.

The foundation of the Generous Evening for Ukrainians is considered a rich holiday table, generosity, divination, games and fun. The name "generous evening" is associated with the custom to prepare a rich table, unlike the Holy Evening.

The table on this day should be really generous, as according to the belief that the more generous and richer the table is covered, the happier and more successful will be the next year. In the festive menu, there must be pork dishes for the cattle to grow, and peace and mutual understanding prevail in the family. It is accepted to cook pancakes, pies and dumplings with cheese.

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