Kherson is Ukraine envelopes

"Kherson is Ukraine (tomatoes)" Envelope + postcard without stamp and cancellation.

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Every Ukrainian is waiting for the desired news about the liberation of Kherson. Ukrposhta has no doubts about the de-occupation of the city by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and therefore prepared such a long-awaited and symbolic postage stamp in advance - "Kherson is Ukraine!".

A "First Day" envelope, an unmarked artistic envelope and a card will be issued for the stamp. The central object on the postage stamp depicts a slice of watermelon - a symbol of Kherson and the Kherson Region. Watermelon seeds are represented in the form of rockets with which the Russian invaders bombarded the city. On a slice of watermelon, the artist depicted the scenes that accompanied the temporary occupation of the city: protests by peaceful citizens, burning buildings, torture by Russian soldiers against the local population and especially activists. On the margins of the stamp sheet, there is a map of Ukraine with the designation of the hero city of Kherson liberated by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the "First Day" envelope depicts a Ukrainian soldier who, by analogy with a slice of watermelon, is returning the temporarily occupied part of Ukraine to its place. On the unmarked artistic envelope and card is an illustrated chronicle of the period of the temporary annexation of the city - the protests of Kherson residents against the occupying forces.

The author of the issue is Andrii Sagach

 - Ukraine
Release Date -  2022
Size - Standard