Postcard "Kupala Rite"

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Painter Olga Haidamaka
It was believed that this night, the heavenly gates are revealed and the man is directly connected with the power of nature. Hence, such an active interaction with natural elements. From the "living fire" the "divine fire" is lit up, through which people jump, clearing them. Plants and animals receive more light and heat, and grasses are filled with the divine power of the sun and become healing.

In Sanskrit, the word "kupala" means "sun". The holiday of Kupala marks the summer solstice. The holiday is celebrated all night, as the waves of the longest day. From the hillocks letting a burning thrown wheel into the water - a sign that from this day the sun begins to roll to the winter.

Kupala itself was the deity of love, fertility and joy, therefore the main theme of the feast and the Kupala rites is love and unity. The main elements of the holiday - fire and water - as symbols of masculine and feminine beginnings, should unite this night. Therefore, Kupalo also celebrates at the water (female element), and at the same time the sacred bonfires are fired in honor of the Solar Divine (male element).

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