postal block Dunai Biosphere Reserve

Postal block Danube Biosphere Reserve 2004

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The Danube is the second longest river in Europe (2961 km). It originates in Germany, in the mountains of the Black Forest. And already in Ukraine, the Danube meets the Black Sea. It is around this river delta that the reserve is spread.

This is a territory with an extremely unique climate. There is clear water here, and green willow and reed jungles all around. The main feature of the reserve is its islands, which have become home to many species of animals and plants. During a walk along the sandy beach of the Danube Reserve, you can meet dolphins, buffaloes, wild horses and more than 70% of bird species that live in Ukraine. The main decoration of the reserve is pink pelicans. A rare spawning of beluga, sevryuga and sturgeon has also been preserved here. In general, the reserve protects 138 Red Book animals and 26 plant species.

Country - Ukraine
Release Date - 10/26/2004
The circulation - 70 000

Artist of stamps, blocks and stamps S. Mozgovyi.

№ 46
Minisheet size - 90x115 мм
Number of stamps in the minisheet - 5

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