Kimmerians postage block

Postal block "Kimmerians. Cultural epochs of Ukraine" 2019

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Postal block "Kimmerians. Cultural epochs of Ukraine"

The Cimmerians are the first communities that lived in the south of Eastern Europe in the 9th–7th centuries. B.C. At the same time, this is the first people known in these areas according to written sources. Traditionally, the historical Cimmerians are associated with the pre-Scythian antiquities of the steppes of Ukraine and the North Caucasus (the Chernogorsk and Novocherkassk groups of monuments).

Above all, the Cimmerians were known as skilled mounted warriors. The men wore leather jackets, trousers and boots, and their headdresses had a pointed shape. The first written mention of the Cimmerians (in ancient Greek Κιμμέριοι) is known from Homer's "Odyssey" (8th century BC). Herodotus in his "History" (5th century BC) calls the Cimmerians a pre-Scythian population of the steppes of the Northern Black Sea region, which was displaced from these areas to the Middle East.

The postage stamp dedicated to this nomadic tribe shows two dismounted Cimmerian warriors, against the background of an attacking cavalry unit.

- Ukraine
Release Date - 02/27/2019
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