trippyla postage stamp

Souvenir postal block Trypil culture 2018

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In 1896, a sensation happened in the village of Trypillya, which is not far from Kyiv. Archaeologist Vikentiy Hvojka discovered the first findings of a mysterious culture of the Eneolithic period (Copper and Stone Age). This culture soon received the name "Trypilska".

Amazingly beautiful ceramics, large settlements on the banks of rivers, rectangular houses with painted walls became the main distinguishing features of this extremely rich culture of farmers, which was formed on a large part of the territory of Ukraine, starting from the 6th to the 2nd millennium before Christmas.

- Ukraine
Release Date - 04/24/2018
The circulation - 30 000


Stamp  - 28x41 mm
Minisheet size130 x 84 мм

Number of stamps in the minisheet - 2