Postcard "Carols"

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Painter Iryna Gerchanivska

Christmas carol postcard.

Most people nowadays believe that Christmas and the Carols are inextricably linked. In fact, since pagan times, when Christianity was not even adopted in Ukraine, and people believed in different gods, there already existed such a tradition as Kolyada. This holiday was dedicated to the heavenly god Dazhdbog.

Ancient people believed that after the winter solstice the god of heaven wakes up, and the length of the day begins to increase, and the nights decrease. Our ancestors were grateful to Dazhdbog and began to praise him with the help of ritual songs - carols.

  • High-density paper. Paper Type: Matte
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
  • Size: 4,13"*5,83" (10,5x14,8 cm)

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