"Pysanka. Vinnytsia Region" Tenth issue of standard postage stamps 2022. Maximum card.

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Dima & Sasha Design

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The culture of Pysankarstva impresses with its originality. People say: "The world exists as long as the Easter egg lives." So let's continue the thousand-year-old traditions of our ancestors and not forget how rich Ukrainian culture is.

Dima & Sasha Design

Date and place of special cancellation: Kyiv, September 2022

The total number of copies is 100 pieces

20 postcards are available, especially for Postal Ukraine clients.

  • High-density paper. Paper Type: Matte. The most popular paper choice, Matte’s eggshell texture is soft
  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing on both sides
  • Size: 4,13"*5,83" (10,5x14,8 cm)

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