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Sheet "Destroyers of evil" 2023

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The military support of Ukraine by international partners does not stop. Strengthening the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with American F-16 aircraft, one of the best and most cost-effective jet fighters in the world, can change the balance of power in favor of Ukraine and affect the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war. The F-16 aircraft has proven itself well during dozens of wars and today is the most massive fighter of the fourth generation, which is in service with many countries of the world. The author of the "Evil Exterminators" mail issue, Maksym Palenko, metaphorically depicted in the picture how the Ukrainian army is destroying the Moscow Kremlin - the symbol of the "Empire of Evil" - by grinding it on an exterminator. On the envelope, the knight in the trident helmet represents the nobility, strength and honor of the Ukrainian army that defends its native land.

- Ukraine
Release Date - 08/04/2023
The circulation - 600 000
Stamp № 2050
The artist is Maksym Palenko

Minisheet size103х142 mm
Number of stamps in the minisheet -  4 stamps 

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Alan MacGregor
Excellent service

Fast and efficient service despite being attacked by genocidal terrorists.

Free Ukraine!

Nothing but admiration for the workers of the Ukrainian Postal Service who, despite incredible hardships, still manage to deliver the mail and create clever and proud postage stamps